Tick Tock, You Ran Out of 24 Hours

See, I can plan my day. It can go smoothly and it can fly by and I won’t worry but sometimes, it just hits you…there’s never enough time in a day to complete your tasks.

I work from home twice a week and today, as part of my New Year’s resolution (a list that encompasses all leftover, unfulfilled tasks from the past year), I woke up early and read my emails and listed down my to-do list. At 12 noon, my inbox has 50 new unread messages, I’m nowhere near completing my to-do list, and most of the work I did had today for a deadline.

I managed to escape from all the chaos at exactly 5 PM and transitioned to my personal tasks. It wasn’t much a task but more like an impromptu visit to Costco. A little past 8 PM and $200 dollars poorer, I come home to wrap gift bags for family and friends to be sent to the Philippines, my hometown. Now, I’m sitting in my bed at 2 AM, wide awake, wondering where this post is going to take me.

Well, I did start drinking more water today. The goal is a gallon a day which is equivalent to 128 ounces. I drank about 60 ounces of water. I tried to use MyFitnessPal but it kept telling me that it’s “offline.” I uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, reinstalled and to no avail. I went online instead and completed my food diary there.

Did I do good? Sure. I had scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onion for breakfast and protein shake for dinner. Awesome, right? Rewind to the part when I was so emotionally up and down at 3 PM and was so hungry, I’m scouring food from the plastic bag closest to my bed. Sure enough, I found a bunch of opened chips I did not finish on New Year’s Eve. I ate a bag and a half of chips, temporarily satisfying my growling stomach, only to regret the whole 5 minutes I devoured them.

My story will not change unless I do something about it. This is only the beginning. Sure, I failed halfway through my journey today but I deserve a medal for not opening a can of corned beef at 12 midnight. I drank more water instead, additional 20 ounces on top of the 60 I finished earlier, and went to bed.

I’m hungry right now. Sure, I can eat…but, I won’t.

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