My prime weakness: throat-hurting American chocolatess

My heart beats fast as I click my Event Ticker app. 102 days more to go before Philippines. I run to take a quick shower before bed, my thoughts running wild, questioning myself as to why I did not start to lose weight sooner? Why did I not take it seriously last August? Three months and what do I expect? This is vintage me. I was once a student who waited for the last minute to submit a project.

I have no competitive bone in my body. It’s never my goal to beat anyone at anything in school. But, somehow, I managed to run for class president twice and won, twice. Had I lost, I would’ve been okay but I’m always like that. The student leader — indecisive but comes through, anyway. That was high school. 15 years ago. I never thought I’d be in this position right now where I talk about high school like it’s the ancient times. I don’t do that! My parents do that! Joke’s on me.

My thoughts are still unorganized. I just took a Benadryl pill so part of me is half asleep already, not to mention, it’s past 1 AM.

I finished more packing for the boxes I’m sending to the Philippines. I drove to Costco once again and bought more candies. I was surrounded by dozens and dozens of American chocolates — the stuff I’d eat just because it’s fun or because there’s nothing else better to eat so I might as well finish a Snickers bar, M&Ms, and dunk Oreos in a glass of milk in one sitting. My point is, I was not tempted to have a bite, not once, not even a Hershey’s kisses, not a single candy, at all. Proud of myself? Absolutely.

Now, there are 102 days left before Philippines and I’m taking baby steps. I haven’t sweat a lot since January 1st, so tomorrow, I must start exercising.

Breakfast today was purple yam, spinach/bacon/cheese/dried cranberries/egg salad for dinner today. I ate so much fiber today, I visited a public restroom and my personal bathroom several times.

Good night, world.

Enjoy the rapid fire that is my brain.

My bed’s calling me now.

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